Improving Quality Of Life Through Better Hearing

Better Communication, Deeper Connections with Improved Hearing

Lowcountry Hearing Healthcare is a complete resource for hearing aids and hearing devices in Charleston, South Carolina. Our goal is to make sure that we’re the only place you need to visit for all your hearing healthcare needs. We specialize in the following:

• Hearing Aids
• Streaming Device Technology

• Custom Hearing Protections
• Musician Earplugs

• Noise Protection
• Motorcycle Earplugs

Custom Earmolds

The shape of your outer ear and ear canal are unique to you. Earmolds are typically used for one of two reasons. These are to keep things such as noise and water out and to keep things in, specifically the amplified sound from a hearing aid.
Here’s a little bit about what you can expect when you do finally make the decision to come in and see us. First, we look into your detailed history. We’ll ask a series of questions about your medical, work, and personal life as it relates to your ears and your hearing. The next step is a physical examination. Using the latest technology, we will perform a thorough examination of your ears for any physical condition that might indicate a need for a medical referral.

Audiometry Tests
Impedance audiometry gives us an idea of how well the eardrum, the middle ear bones, and a few of your ears’ reflexes are working. With pure-tone audiometry, your hearing levels are measured by presenting your hearing system with pure tones or beeps. We measure how loud the sound has to be before you become aware of it. Speech audiometry is done to test how well you understand words once they are loud enough to hear.

Post-Results Discussion
As we believe your journey to better hearing should be a partnership with you and your hearing healthcare provider, we provide a full explanation of your results. We do this to ensure that you are as well informed as possible about your problem, as well as your options.

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